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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7:00 p.m. SHARP


Topic: “Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Looking Into The                       Crystal Ball”.... & ASPH 2010 Nominations


Presenter: Dr. Robert J. O’Connor, CHt



HomeTown Buffet


(On the West Side of Scottsdale Road, just south of McDowell)

Please no dining during the meeting.



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Greetings and Welcome to the Future World of Hypnosis


How many of us remember that time when over 80% of all Hypnotherapists practiced “Directive Hypnosis”?


During the 60s and 70s a major shift occurred and “non-directive” or self directed practices became the norm. This factor more than any other changed the role of the Hypnotherapist in relation to their clients. Now, instead of using directive “scripts” (one size fits all), practitioners engage their clients in a free and intuitive flow.


It is important to remember that a Hypnotherapist is born with everything they need in order to achieve excellence in their chosen field.


Although many “magical” gadgets are purported to effect the same results as Hypnosis, seldom do these tools provide more than temporary relief. An experienced Hypnotherapist who understands the dynamics of permanent healing can easily explain why this is so.


Not until the client, with the aid of a gifted, well-trained and experienced Hypnotherapist identifies the true source of their problems, can they achieve a state of harmony. Only then can they experience a sense of deep inner peace by forgiving oneself and others—and equally important—affirming hope for a better tomorrow.


Often we Hypnotherapists have our own issues and challenges. As we progress through the three stages of relationship with ourselves and others [Co-dependance, 2) In-dependence, and finally 3) Inter-dependence]; as we continue to practice the dictum, “Physician, Heal Thyself”; we discover that a person who “walks their own talk,” is eminently more qualified to work with others than a directive-oriented, “do what I say not what I do” practitioner.


One of the greatest tools yet to be fully used and appreciated is the subconscious working with time and space. A Hypnotherapist can ask a patient, “How long do you think it will take you to completely finished grieving the loss of a loved one?” If they respond, “three to five years,” you can then suggest to them while they are in a hypnotically altered state: “Would you be willing to complete this as I count down from 20 to 1?” They will almost always say, “Yes!” This is one of the best illustrations of non-directive Hypnosis.


Remember and practice the “State Park Rules”: Always trying to leave a person a little cleaner and brighter, after their visit with you.


One of my favorite sayings is: “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.” Perhaps we can add: “It is never too late to have a magnificent Present with a Future so bright you will have to wear sunglasses 24-7!” 


Welcome to a brilliant Future that is my Present,

Robert J. O'Connor CHt.

President, ASPH


Robert J. O’Connor....President Emeritus of ASPH...Currently serving as 2010 ASPH President...Certified Hypnotherapist...Medical Hypnotherapist...Source Integration Therapist...Certified Spiritual Healer...Ordained Minister & Counselor...Hypnotherapy Practitioner for over 40 years...Founder and Creator of Source Integration Therapy SIT)...Essential Hypnotherapy & SIT Training Seminars Leading to Certification...Popular National Speaker...Student of Ancient and Modern Methods for Achieving Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Results


Among those whom Robert has certified to practice Source Integration Therapy & Essential Hypnotherapy are Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nutritionists, Therapists, Education Specialists, Counselors and Healers.


Robert J. O'Connor, CHt Complementary & Alternative Solutions / Essential Hypnotherapy

2659 W. Guadalupe Road / Suite C-119 Mesa, Arizona 85202

Tel: (602) 593-4006







Tuesday Meetings: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Free for Members)*

Certificates &C. E. U. Credit Hours Awarded for Attendance**

(2 credits per meeting attended)





December 7, 2010 – Holiday Party








If you would like to serve ASPH as an officer or if you would like to

nominate an ASPH member to serve as an officer, please email us at


Below is information about the duties of each officer.



The President “steers the ship.” They check and double-check on their own and everyone else’s duties and responsibilities. The President must be familiar with every activity that each of the officers must perform in order to insure that the organization is running smoothly. This requires full knowledge and understanding of the Systems Manual. Use this manual as a map or blueprint.


From the By-Laws:


President - shall be the chief officer of the Society, shall sign all official documents that are authorized by the Society, shall preside at all meetings of the members and enforce order and a strict compliance with the Constitution and By-Laws, appoint the chairpersons of all Boards and Committees not otherwise provided for, be ex-officio member of all Boards and Committees and see that the officers perform their respective duties faithfully and impartially.


However, except for the Committee chairpersons, all appointments of committee members shall be made by the chairperson of said Committee.


While occupying the chair, the President shall take no part in debate.


The President shall also transact such other business as may by custom, pertain to that office. The President shall decide all points of law and order subject to appeal, which shall forthwith be considered by the Society.


The President by virtue of their office shall have no vote except to break a tie or deadlock.


The President shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of President.



Vice President

The Vice-President is the backup for the President.  Like the President, they are familiar with every activity that each of the officers must perform in order to insure that the organization is running smoothly. The Vice-President can easily step in and run the organization in the absence of the President. This requires full knowledge and understanding of the Systems Manual. Use this manual as a map or blueprint.


From the By-Laws:


Vice President - shall assist the President in the performance of their duties. In the absence of the President the duties of the office shall be performed by the Vice President and in the absence of the President and Vice President, their duties shall be performed by the Secretary.


The Vice President or Secretary when performing the duties of the President shall have no vote except to break a tie or deadlock.


If all three of these Officers are unable to attend a monthly meeting, the Executive Board shall re-schedule the date of the meeting at a time when one of these three officers can be in attendance.


The Vice President shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Vice President.





The Secretary, like the President, checks and double-checks on their own and everyone else’s duties and responsibilities. This requires familiarity with every activity that each of the officers must perform in order to insure that the organization is running smoothly. Also, the Secretary should be fully capable of running the meeting and assuming any of the responsibilities for the other officers in case this becomes necessary. Use this manual as a map or blueprint.


From the By-Laws:


Secretary - shall keep a correct record of all transactions of each meeting of the Society and Board of Officers' meetings, and record the same in respective books to be known as the Book of Minutes.


The Secretary shall send a monthly newsletter to each member, containing current announcements and schedule of forthcoming Society meetings, Minutes from the previous Society meeting, the current Treasurer’s Report, and other information deemed to be of value to members.


The newsletter will be sent electronically (by email) and will be sent by post to those Society members who do not have email addresses. It is the responsibility of each Society member to deliver the most current email and/or postal address to the Secretary, who will send this information to the Treasurer.


The monthly newsletter shall be sent not less than five (5) days or more than twenty-five (25) days prior to the next meeting date.


The Secretary and Statutory Agent have access to the email address at where organization emails are sent and received. The Secretary shall liaise with Agent to keep the contact list of email addresses current.



The Secretary, Treasurer and Statutory Agent shall keep an accurate database of Society members, containing name, address, phone numbers, fax number, email address and URL address.


The Secretary is the contact person for all notices and announcements.


At the expiration of the Secretary's term of office, the Secretary shall give a correct report of the business of the office to the Society and deliver to the successor in said office all books and other property belonging to the Society in retiring Secretary's possession.


The Secretary shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Secretary.




The Treasurer will be familiar with every activity that each of the officers performs. Also, they should be fully capable of running the meeting and assuming any of the responsibilities for the other officers in case this becomes necessary. This includes taking care of banking activities, i.e., depositing checks in the absence of the Statutory Agent after the Statutory Agent has endorsed the checks. This requires full knowledge and understanding of the Systems Manual. Use this manual as a map or blueprint.


From the By-Laws:


Treasurer - The Treasurer shall liaise with the Statutory Agent to solicit and invoice all members for their annual dues, keep an accurate account of all the monies received and expended, and liaise with the Secretary & Statutory Agent to keep the Membership Roster current.


The Treasurer shall secure the meeting place for monthly meetings as well as the December Holiday Party and liaise with the Statutory Agent for arranging monthly payments to the rental facility manager.


The Treasurer shall liaise with the Statutory Agent and Secretary to keep a database of paid members. This database will contain current member information concerning name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address and URL address.


The Secretary, Treasurer and Statutory Agent shall confer and update this database on a monthly basis.


At the regular meeting held in December of each year, the Treasurer and/or Statutory Agent shall give to all other officers a correct account of all monies in the organization’s checking account, together with the books, papers and receipts belonging to that office. At any time when ordered by the Society, the Treasurer and/or Statutory Agent shall deliver all monies, books and receipts.


The Treasurer & Statutory Agent shall deliver to the successor in office all the books and other properties in said Treasurer's possession belonging to the Society. All disbursements made by the Treasurer from any monies held by Treasurer belonging to the Society shall be paid by check or the ASPH bank debit card.  The Treasurer is not authorized at any time on behalf of the Society to make payments by cash. All expenditures that exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) must be approved by the Board of Officers.


The Treasurer shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Treasurer.



Announcement from Carol Adler, ASPH Statutory Agent


Since January 2000, I have enjoyed serving ASPH first as Secretary, and from 2003 until now, as

Statutory Agent.  During those years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my participation in ASPH.

Every monthly meeting was an Event that contributed to my personal

Growth... and it’s always wonderful to spend time with like-minded people.


It is often said that party guests need to know when it’s time to leave. The same is true for

leadership of an organization. For the health of ASPH, it is time for a “change of the



I shall be delighted to serve as Statutory Agent for the year 2011, but next November, you

will be nominating and electing someone else to fill that position. I shall do my best to orient

the new 2012 Statutory Agent. They will have an updated Systems Manual as a comprehensive

guidebook, and the experience and help of other ASPH leaders as well,to make this an easy transition.


                                                                                                          Yours in Service, with Love & Light,

                                                                                                          Carol Adler, CHt

                                                                                                          ASPH Statutory Agent










 6 PM-9:30 PM


Pier dé Orleans Restaurant



*  ASPH Paid Members Free!

*  Choice of 5 Entrées, Incl. a Vegetarian Entrée

*  Cash Bar









When:            Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where:           Pier De Orleans -

                        61 E. University Drive

                        Mesa, Arizona 85201


Get Directions:,0,11647610035080121630&fb=1&hq=pier+de+orleans+restaurant+-&hnear=Mesa,+AZ&gl=us&daddr=61+E+University+Dr,+Mesa,+AZ+85201&geocode=14637869538878936070,33.421954,-111.829254&ei=gDSdTM9uj-axA8ekmdYB&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=directions-to&resnum=2&ved=0CBoQngIwAQ


Price:              ASPH Members FREE [alcoholic beverages extra]

Guests                        $21.65 - alcoholic beverages extra


Please fill out the following and return it to




Will you be bringing a guest?_____


Menu Choices

                                                                                                How Many

Broiled Sole w/ Baked Potato                                             _______

Seafood Platter w/Baked Potato                                         _______

Top Sirloin w/Baked Potato                                                _______

Chicken Cordon Bleu w/Baked Potato                               _______

Vegetarian Plate                                                                    _______


Bring a Purple Elephant Present for Gift Sharing Hilarity [$Max $10.00]







President: Robert O’Connor --

Vice-President: Sandi Graves –

Secretary: Tim Paulson –

Treasurer: Sylvia Shelton -

Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian: Carol Adler –






The ASPH Website and are the domains for Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis.


Attention All Practicing Hypnotherapists:


If you wish to have your contact information listed on the ASPH website followed by a brief paragraph, 300 words maximum, kindly send this written information (MS Word Document) to Tim Paulson, ASPH Secretary, by email at as soon as possible.


Thank you!





" Notes from the Secretary: Tim Paulson "



A reminder … The cut-off date to add event information to the monthly newsletter is the 14th of the month following the last meeting, or at the mid-point of the month before the next meeting. Please submit your event information on or before that date via email to




Come on in and pull up a chair!!

Visitors and guests are welcome to attend two meetings free of charge, after which they are invited to join ASPH. They also have the option of paying a $5.00 fee for each month attended thereafter. Spouses and partners of members are considered part of the ASPH and have free meeting privileges.


C.E.U Credits for National Guild of Hypnotists are submitted for Members only.





Happy Birthday to You




November, 2010

Alan Handelsman

Helen Daley

Sandi Graves

Rebecca Costello

Lindsay Brady


Did we miss yours? Please let us know!

If you would like to have your birthday date added to the ASPH list, please send us that information (your name and birthday month and day), so we can celebrate with you!!  J



Member Announcements


Member Newsletter Announcements should be approximately 1/4 page and ready to cut and paste into the newsletter. All newsletter announcements must be directly connected to enhancing hypnosis techniques and therapies or serve as a support to the business and profession of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.



Robert O’Connor Fall 2010 Training


Certification in


Essential Hypnotherapy &

Source Integration Therapy



When:            Saturday & Sunday, November 6 & 7               9:30-7 PM

Saturday & Sunday, November 13 & 14          9:30-7 PM

Saturday & Sunday, November 20 & 21          9:30-7 PM


Where:           The Energy Creation Center for Wholistic Care

                        625 E. McKellips Road - Suite 11

                        Mesa, Arizona 85203


Fee:                $1,200 for all 6 sessions [Payment by PayPal, Check, Cash & Credit Card]


Host:              Noemi - Mimi Ioppolo, CHt

                        Tel - 480-835-5380


Instructor:    Robert J. O’Connor, CHt

                        Tel. - 602-593-4006






Hypnosis to Achieve The Mental Edge in Sports

Sam Sterk, PhD, CHt


An opportunity to learn specific intervention techniques that help athletes  maintain good Focus and Positive Self Talk.


Dr. Sterk has a 15 hour course on the training and concepts needed to do Sports Hypnosis and this course will meet on:


An intensive 8 hour course that prepares you to be a Sports Hypnotherapist.


Offered Both in November and December:


November 21, 2010 from 9-5

December 4, 2010 from 9-5



Registration is limited. The deadline for registration is on November 13, 2010. The fee including lunch is: $99.00 per person.


Early registration by October 15, 2010 reduces the fee to $85.00, including lunch.


The practice of Sports Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and working with athletes is an opportunity to increase your income.

Come and learn hands on techniques that will add to your practice and boost your income.







Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

This company is a preferred vendor of The National Guild of Hypnotists and their members.


Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, ATM, debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT cards), electronic gift and loyalty cards as well as a variety of private label and smart card technologies. Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, supermarket, gas station or lodging merchant, we have the transaction processing solution that's right for you. We also offer solutions for mail order and telephone order, e-Commerce, Internet and home-based businesses.

Contact Linda Monico

New England Payment Systems


603.475.9345 Cell      1.866.236.5424 Fax





Monthly Networking Meeting


If you would like to discuss building your practice, or any other hypnosis related topics over dinner, please
plan on arriving at the Home Town Buffet about 6:00pm. Join us in the NW corner of the dining room for a
relaxed, casual, and stimulating dinner conversation of subjects important to us all.





The following members are available to easily network among ASH members. If you would like to have your contract information included in this list of ASPH members, please email ( ) with your name, phone number and email address.


Carol Adler 480-452-9183

Sherry Bertram  602-920-3281

Lindsay Brady 480-966-8571

Rebekah Costello 602 316-8561

Sandi Graves 480-628-5436

Phil Hamilton 602-330-6886

Alan Handelsman 602-478-8346

Robert (Bob) LaBine 480-948-8673

Robert J. O’Connor 602-593-4006

Susan Poznanski 602-843-8835

Martha Reed 623 249-5888

Tina Sacchi  623-261-6167

Cheryle Timbrook 480-201-7723


Some Links to Professional Association Websites


National Guild of Hypnotists

The International Hypnosis Research Institute

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Association of Counselors & Therapists

International Hypnosis Federation

International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc.

American Hypnosis Association - AHA

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute

Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis (AAEH)

Arizona - Events Calendar



Social & Professional Networking on the Internet:


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Hypnosis In The News


Read any good articles about hypnosis in a magazine or on the web lately?
Think it’s one that others in our organization would find interesting?

Email a copy or link to the article to our secretary at to be included in our next newsletter.






Treasurer’s Report


On October 15,  2010, the ASPH Bank Account Balance was $2,789.24

Thank you so much for sending in your Renewal and New Membership Dues!