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December – Holiday Party Time!

December 1, 2009 - Home Town Buffett



January 2010 – Sandi Graves – “Pump Up Your Practice… Now!”


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Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2009


Minutes from the November 3, 2009 ASPH Meeting.


The meeting was called to order by Robert O’Connor at 7:05. After introduction of the officers, members present introduced themselves. Robert mentioned that ASPH is now over 40 years old, and that hypnotherapy is becoming more accessible every year.


The most important item of business for this meeting was Nomination of ASPH Officers for the year of 2010. Nominations were as follows:


Treasurer – Sylvia Shelton

Secretary – Tim Paulson

Vice President – Sandy Graves

President – Robert O’Connor


Since only one person was nominated for each position, Robert moved to forgo the process of an official vote, and simply install the nominees for the 2010 term which begins on January 1, 2010. The move was seconded, and those nominated persons were duly elected.

Robert then introduced Lindsay Brady, CHt. the speaker for the evening. An Emeritus member of ASPH, Lindsay served for more than 15 years as an officer on the board of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, including five terms as President. He has been one of the leaders of the organization for over 25 years. Robert pointed out that he was involved during some very difficult times in ASPH, when the organization was barely surviving, and it was due to his leadership at that time that we still have a group with these monthly meetings. 


As a professional hypnotist since 1970 and one of the most recognized contributors to the promotion of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Lindsay has conducted sessions with more than 27,000 clients in a clinical setting and has “hypnotized” thousands more during demonstrations, stage-show performances and lectures.


Recognized as a leading clinical hypnotherapist, Lindsay's reputation and high success rate have attracted clients throughout the United States and internationally. His work has been featured in newspaper articles regarding hypnotherapy and he has appeared on radio and TV shows concerning the phenomenon of the hypnotic process. Lindsay’s most recent contribution to furthering the validity of the hypnotic process book: As the Pendulum Swings—If It Isn’t Hypnosis… Then What is It—The Mind/Brain Connection. Lindsay’s website is .


Lindsay has been practicing hypnosis for 39 years, and at one time or another has embraced every different approach to hypnotherapy. His presentation centered on an approach to hypnotherapy which looks specifically at how “perception” plays a significant role in our behavior; perception is the means by which the mind, brain and body communicate with each other. As he explained, perceptions are instructions to your brain that cause a specific behavior without your need to do anything further. The mind will instruct our brain to do any behavior we want. Lindsay’s own description re-evaluates the term “hypnotism” to what he considers a more active term, “perceptionism.”


He demonstrated the theory that the mind doesn’t care what you “say,” only what you “perceive.” He had attendees hold a pendulum over a target on a sheet of paper. He demonstrated that by simply hearing a command without consciously moving the hand, the individual could cause the pendulum to swing either side-to-side, front-to-back, or even in a circle. Lindsay stated that the individual just needs to see the end result; perception will create the behavior to accomplish it now. Further, the mind cannot perceive of something in the future, so working with a client and giving a suggestion such as, “You’re going to lose weight,” or “You are going to quit smoking” is of no use. Statements must be made in the present moment. The mind must be able to perceive NOW.


Lindsay discussed the way in which our emotions are felt physically in our body and can be identified by asking a client, “Where in your body do you feel this?” Our perceptions will respond the same, whether the issue is real or not real. If the brain knows the difference between tired and not tired, for example, then it also knows how to get rid of the unwanted emotion. At any time, it can act and feel the way it chooses. If the brain can manipulate the cells and muscles to move the pendulum, then it can also manipulate the cells in your body to conquer cancer.


Lindsay believes that we don’t need to bring a client through old issues, to dredge up a painful past in order to achieve healing. He stressed that by changing how they perceive themselves, the new behavior takes over and they automatically begin to behave according to the new perception. One of the most important things to remember is that every time we learn a new concept, we are creating a new neural pathway. Every time we access that new neural pathway, i.e., when we practice the new behavior, we are strengthening it. By going into the past and reliving old memories, we are just adding strength to those old pathways we are attempting to release.


After his talk Lindsay opened the floor to questions, and a lively discussion followed, with various members asking questions of his techniques and asking for more clarification of this definition of hypnosis. Lindsay said he enjoys the banter with his colleagues, and is very open to hearing different points of view.


At the conclusion of the meeting, Robert reminded members that the next meeting, December 1, the ASPH annual holiday dinner party, begins at 6:00PM, one hour earlier than our usual meeting time.


Robert call for adjournment, and the meeting was closed at 8:50.


After the meeting, Lindsay’s exciting new book, As the Pendulum Swings: If It Isn’t Hypnosis… Then What Is It? was available for purchase. The book, which normally sells for $19, was offered that night for just $15, and Lindsay generously donated half of that amount to ASPH.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Paulson, CHt.

ASPH Secretary





President: Robert O’Connor --

Vice-President: Sandy

Secretary: Tim Paulson –

Treasurer: Sylvia Shelton -

Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian: Carol Adler –



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