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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7:00 p.m. SHARP


Topic: Hypnotherapy & Relationship Issues

Presenter: Robert O’Connor




HomeTown Buffet


(On the West Side of Scottsdale Road, just south of McDowell)

Please no dining during the meeting.



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Presenter: Robert O’Conner


It is my objective as well as the leadership of ASPH to expand the potential uses for Hypnosis beyond the standard Smoking and Weight Loss issues.


            Relationships -- not only those with significant others --  but all of our relationships are often strained if not doomed because of past relationship wounds and misunderstandings, called in today’s vernacular “baggage.” Many of the past issues that are quite often the most challenging can be greatly relieved if not rectified altogether by the wise and appropriate use of Hypnotherapy.


            When relationship issues are broken down to simpler and less confusing dynamics such as Healing the Past, bringing understanding and purpose to the Present and learning how to harmonize and coordinate the essential dreams that carry our vision and intention with Unconditional Love and Respect into the Future,  we will almost always bring to life joy and harmony where sorrow and discord once prevailed.


            Topics to be covered and Hypnotherapy processes to be demonstrated and practiced include the following:


*The roles our parents had in forming our relationships

*Creating a new vision of our self and others

*Discovering how money and its related issues affect relationships

*Redefining and establishing our goals and priorities

*Learning and establishing good communication skills

*Resolving poor self esteem and anger issues

*Learning the profound and essential healing processes of



Please come and join us in this adventure of self-discovery and relationship healing. We will have a lot of fun and enrich our individual practices.



Robert J. O’Connor: Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Source Integration Therapist, Certified Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister and Counselor. 


Robert has been practicing as a Hypnotherapist for over 40 years. He is presently the director of Complementary and Alternative Solutions and Essential Hypnotherapy; Founder and Director of Source Integration Therapy, a comprehensive training program for Therapists, Counselors and Healers; President Emeritus of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis (ASPH);  a permanent member of the ASPH Board of Directors; and a current member of the National Guild of Hypnosis. Robert is also a popular national speaker and trainer in the field of Hypnotherapy and Healing. 


In order to perfect his skills as a Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Healer, Robert has traveled the world extensively, studying both ancient and modern methods for achieving positive Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual results.


Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2009


This was a very information packed meeting. Robert O’Connor, or new president, gave his “inaugural speech”, encouraging us to expand our horizons as hypnosis professionals, and addressed some of the possibilities available to grow our practices.  He also reminded us that the Board is reviewing all the surveys that have been submitted and we will be looking at all or your comments and concerns and addressing them in the upcoming months.


We then began with Don Rice as our first presenter. Don lead us in a group hypnosis session to help us address and release some of the emotional issues that prevent us from being as abundant as we deserve and desire. Thanks Don, we now have a wonderfully abundant group of hypnotists.


Then Dr. Sam Sterk took the mike with Patrick Powers for a demonstration on how to create a session to help ourselves and our clients to achieve the physical body they desire. The key to his session was to create the feelings we want and to feel them so intensely that they become our reality. With this process, we can create what ever we desire, whether it be physical changes to our body, healthy habits or to accomplish a goal. The results are the old saying “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”  Patrick was an amazing participant and we could actually see a shift in his physical presence during and after the session. Way to go!


Pattie Freeman was last, but certainly not least, in presenting information from the Law of Attraction. Patti gave us some wonderful tips to help us attract what we want in our lives. Some of the things were things we all know, like expressing gratitude daily and writing down our goals. We all know this, but it was a reminder that these practices may get lost in the hurried pace of our every day lives. We appreciate your gentle reminders.


After introductions, we discussed upcoming classes (see member announcements below), members were reminded of the networking meeting that takes place in the dining room before the official meeting and Debbie suggested that anyone who found interesting article about hypnosis submit them to her (or a link) for publishing in the newsletter. 


A motion was made and seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.


Respectively submitted,

Debbie Gent

ASPH Secretary




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Monthly Networking Meeting


If you would like to discuss building your practice, or any other hypnosis related topics over dinner, please
plan on arriving at the Home Town Buffet about 6:00pm. Join us in the NW corner of the dining room for a
relaxed, casual, and stimulating dinner conversation of subjects important to us all.


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Law of Attraction for Prosperity!!!
with Pattie Freeman

Saturday, March 14, 2009 10-3pm

Do you visualize yourself being financially free and independent? Do you see yourself being prosperous and abundant... successful and healthy? Can you feel yourself accomplishing your goals? Do you have a vision of success for your business?
A vision of yourself accomplishing the goals you set? One of the most important aspects of manifesting your dreams is actually living and feeling that dream. It's not expensive to do this...All you have to do is take action toward the dreams you want.
This seminar can help you reach your goals and show you how you can achieve what you desire easily....and gain abundance in Prosperity..
Pattie Freeman is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and has been instructed in the Law of Attraction "The Secret" by Bob Proctor. Pattie also writes
articles about abundance/prosperity for various publications.

cost of seminar is $197.00 1 day limited for more info. 602-400-0653 or to reserve a space email/call me at


The First eGlobal Hypnosis Summit… ever!


March 13, 14 & 15 ….

No travel, no hotels, just the comfort of your own sofa!

Finally… a conference that accommodates your schedule AND your budget!

The Summit includes 99 one-hour presentations delivered by practitioners, teachers and trainers recognized and respected throughout the world.


University professors, doctors, respected authors, speakers, and clinicians with an intimate knowledge of hypnosis will share their insights and experiences with the general public and also mingle with fellow attendees. The Global Hypnosis eSummit is designed to have video lectures as well as live audio, video, and text chat to maximize communication, sharing and learning. Speakers, signed up from 6 continents, include notables such as Drs. Bernie Seigel, Judith Simon Prager, Al Krasner, and Gil Boyne.

ASPH Member Carol Adler, MFA, CHt, will deliver a one-hour video presentation at the eSummit on “How to Get Your Articles and Books Published.”


Carol is President/CEO of Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. and Dandelion Books, LLC, She has ghostwritten over 40 non-fiction and fiction works for a number of professionals in the education, health care and human potential industries. Carol’s business experience includes co-ownership of a Palm Beach, FL public relations company and executive management positions in two U.S. rejuvenation and mind/body wellness corporations for which she founded publishing divisions.


To register and learn more about the Global Hypnosis Summit, go to


Room for rent on Part-time basis.  Newly remodeled office in South Scottsdale with easy access to freeways. Available all day Sunday and Monday & Tuesday until 5pm. Fully furnished, including utilities. Share space with Massage Therapist/Hypnotherapist.  $200 including utilities. Please contact Nina @ 602-505-7673 or


Office space for rent Lindsay Brady has office space available to share with Cliff Lord for $150 a month.  The office is near Rural Road and US 60. Cliff uses the office sparingly and is flexible as to usage time.  The space is in a quiet medical-professional building and would be ideal for a hypnotherapist, massage therapist, counselor, etc.  If you know of anyone needing office space in a convenient location at an unbeatable rate, give him a call at 480-966-8571. 


Office to Share - $200.00 mo in Mesa (NE corner University & Macdonald). Contact Cheryle Timbrook at    480-201-7723 or                                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

This company is a preferred vendor of The National Guild of Hypnotists and their members.


Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, ATM, debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT cards), electronic gift and loyalty cards as well as a variety of private label and smart card technologies. Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, supermarket, gas station or lodging merchant, we have the transaction processing solution that's right for you. We also offer solutions for mail order and telephone order, e-Commerce, Internet and home-based businesses.


Contact Linda Monico

New England Payment Systems


603.475.9345 Cell

1.866.236.5424 Fax





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