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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7:00 p.m. SHARP


Topic: Combining Hypnotherapy with Spiritual Coaching

Presenter: K.C. Miller



HomeTown Buffet


(On the West Side of Scottsdale Road, just south of McDowell)

Please no dining during the meeting.



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“How to Combine Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Coaching”


KC Miller is the Founder and Director of the award winning private college Southwest Institute of Healing Arts , graduating great therapists for 17 years. Over 85% of all the students who enroll at the college dream of owning their own businesses; upon graduation 78% of the graduates leave having already started a business.


As the author of the self-published book, Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path, KC Miller is credited with ‘inventing’ a new career – that of Toe Reading. KC has been featured on MTV’s #1 dating reality program “NEXT” as a Toe Psychic. She is also a longtime Reflexologist, Polarity Practitioner, Life Coach and Ordained Minister. Of all the titles KC could claim, the one she chooses to use most is “Instrument of Spirit.”


KC is a highly skilled Motivational Speaker and Enter-trainer. Humor and lively audience participation is what KC is most known for in her teaching and speaking. She is a great storyteller and spices her presentations with analogies and metaphors that leave a lasting impression.


KC’s topic for the March ASPH meeting is “How to Combine Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Coaching.”






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April 6, 2010 - Leo Gagnon, CHt. -  Former ASPH President, Emeritus Member ASPH

“One Session Emotional Relief”

May 4, 2010Dick Sutphen, CHt. – Best-Selling author of 19 New Age Books

“Hypnotherapy in the 21st Century: The Future of Hypnosis”


June 1, 2010Sean Gately, CHt. – Director, Phoenix Arizona Hypnosis and Wellness Center, (also a Graphologist (Handwriting Analysis),

and Meditation Expert

Topic to be announced


July 6, 2010Melinda Vail – world-renowned clairvoyant and hyponotherapist – Topic to be announced


AND MORE!.....




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Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2010


Robert O’Connor called the meeting to order at 7:10.


Following opening remarks he introduced the officers. Carol Adler made a couple of important remarks:1) Because of banking changes that have taken place involving security issues, and the ability to maintain our status as a small non-profit organization, checks for membership dues need to be made out in her name, as opposed to just ASPH; and 2) In order to help increase our membership roster, we will waive the initial entry fee for former members who decide to re-join the organization. They may simply pay the annual $35 fee to attain membership status once again. Robert then asked all attendees to introduce themselves.


With no old business to discuss, Robert introduced our speaker for the evening, Mr. Sam Meranto.

For Sam, ‘the impossible is only the start...’


Sam was in a tornado in 1953 in Worcester, MA. where ninety people died where he was standing. Sam feels that God spared his life to do the work he is doing today. According to his clients, he is the most effective therapist in the world. Famous movie actors, sports player, executives, and people like you come for one on one personal help from Sam. He spends a half a day with each person and finds out exactly what they need. Some of his clients have been to Mayo Clinic, Scripts Diagnostic, and UCLA just to mention a few. Most of his clients were told that Medical Science has done all that it can for them. They came to Sam as a last resort. Sam helped them get positive miraculous results. He is an ordained minister and believes in the laying of hands and the power of spiritual meditation.

Sam Meranto was born November 3, 1931 in Niagara Falls, NY. He is a father of six children. He has been married to his wife Cynthia for 28 years. She has worked along side him in the office since 1976. We have a total of 8 people that work in the main office in Phoenix. We are right near the Phoenix Airport. Some people fly in from all parts of the world, Canada, China, Japan, and India just to name a few. And we have a 7 acre retreat center in Chino Valley, near Prescott, Arizona.


Sam has been a part of the Phoenix valley for decades, and many people recognize him through his strong advertising campaigns, including his famous television commercials. We were honored to have Sam speak to our group, and give insight into his years of experience. Sam believes that God called him into his life’s work, and by listening to him speak, his enthusiasm and passion for helping people heal shines through in abundance. He is the first to say that he doesn’t do the work, but that the healing comes through him to the client. Sam’s interest in hypnosis began in 1944 when he was just 13 years old. At a meeting of young Sea Scouts, a man was present who did hypnosis, Sam watched him and was hooked! He began reading books and taking classes, learning everything he could about the art. It was the only thing that ever really caught his attention. Later in life he was working as a door-to-door salesman, and through a matter of circumstance happen to end up in the home of a woman who was distraught after having lost a baby. For months she barely moved off a chair in the living room, her family was falling apart, and her husband was at his wit’s end. Through sitting with her and applying his knowledge of hypnosis, Sam was able to help her overcome her grief and regain control of her life. Sam says that “God sent me where I needed to be,” and shortly after he began his career in hypnosis.


Sam works with clients by meeting with them for an initial consultation to discuss the issues they would like to deal with, and to gain details about earlier experiences in their life. Upon completion, he then tailors a specific therapy course for them, drawing on over 1,500 tapes he has recorded in the library, and has the client then listen to those sessions.  His tapes work like a regression, to bring the client to a state similar to being back in the womb, and reprogram the mind to work in a more helpful way. Sam quotes the Bible, “To call things that are not, as they were,” and says, “I make them as they should have been.” In dealing with smokers, Sam suggests regressing back to their first cigarette, and the association they had with their feelings at that time. They may fear some loss if they give up smoking, a loss they may continue to associate with how they were feeling when they first began to smoke.


Through the talk, Sam called up a few people he had helped over the years to explain their story personally. One happened to be his wife, Cindy, who he met over 30 years ago when she came in for a consultation, and still continues to work with Sam in the office. She explained how Sam had helped her lose 20 Lbs at that time, and has since dealt with a number of other issues over time. It was an interesting talk from an icon of hypnosis in the Valley, and great fun to hear Sam relate stories from so many years of experience.


After thanking Sam for his presence at our meeting, and a few closing remarks Robert called the meeting adjourned at 8:25.






President: Robert O’Connor --

Vice-President: Sandi Graves –

Secretary: Tim Paulson –

Treasurer: Sylvia Shelton -

Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian: Carol Adler –



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We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings. If you have any questions about ASPH, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Also, if you need copies of the ASPH By-Laws, Constitution and Code of Ethics or would like information on the Hypnosis Arizona State Regulations, kindly contact us by email and we will send them as MS Word attachments.


A reminder … The cut-off date to add event information to the monthly newsletter is the 14th of the month following the last meeting, or at the mid-point of the month before the next meeting. Please submit your event information on or before that date via email to




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C.E.U Credits for National Guild of Hypnotists are submitted for Members only.


If you wish to become a member, please contact:

Treasurer – Sylvia Shelton 

1950 E. Baylor Ct., Chandler, Arizona 85225


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This information is also available on the ASPH website, .  Please see our website at  or contact Statutory Agent, Carol Adler,, for copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics.




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Member Announcements

Member Newsletter Announcements should be approximately 1/4 page and ready to cut and paste into the newsletter. All newsletter announcements must be directly connected to enhancing hypnosis techniques and therapies or serve as a support to the business and profession of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.




I have a Hypnosis/Therapist office available to share if any of your members are interested. (I used to be one of your members but not currently). I use it part-time evenings and weekends for hypnosis. It is totally available during week days and we can work out a schedule if they need it some evenings or weekends. It is located on Chandler Blvd between Dobson and Alma School in Chandler. There is plenty of parking and it is well lit at night. There is also a client waiting area. It currently is furnished with a recliner and desk. The rent would be $115.00 per month which includes utilities. If anyone is interested, please have them call me.

Thanks,  Gary

480 593-8443



Dr Sam Sterk, PhD,  will be offering 2 seminars in Sports Hypnosis Training


Seminar 1-beginning and intermediate Sports Hypnosis Training is a 2 day course and will cover the following during the weekend of 03-20-2010 and 03-21-2010:


***Market Overview-Sports are big in Arizona and can be a very profitable endeavor for any trained Hypnotist

***How to assess athletes and develop a Sports Hypnosis Intervention plan. How to develop Sports Hypnosis goals with time frames as part of an agreement  between the hypnotist and the client.

***Sport Psychology concepts such as the use of Visual Imagery to imrove Performance, and Tension Control during competition

***Goal setting-short term and long term

***How to Focus and Refocus when the athlete has lost his/her Focus.

***Mental Toughness in sports

***Self Confidence in sports

***Attaining Positive Self Talk at all time.


This seminar will also focus on a number of Inductions, Deepening techniques and Convincers.


The cost for this 2 day training is $279 but if you register by January 31, 2010, the fee wil be reduced to $249, a $30.00 savings.



The Advanced Sports Hypnosis Training is a one day course and it will cover the following on Saturday 03-27-2010:


***Pain Management in Sports and working with InjuryRrecovery with athletes. Dr. Sterk will offer a suggested Pain/Health Inventory for Intake purposes.

(There will be a number of Hypnotic techniques that have been shown to be effective in reducing pain.)

***Some Rapid Induction techniques will also be offered.

***Facilitating Concentration in sports 

***Working with Teams

***Onsite and Offsite intervention

***Marketing your skills in sports venues


The cost for this one day training is $169 but if you register by January 31, 2010, the fee will be reduced to $145, a $24 savings.


To register for any of these courses, please do the following:


Indicate your interest by calling or sending an email. Dr. Sterk will call you back with the particulars such as credit card or check preferences

Contact Information:

Dr. Sam Sterk, Ph.D. from Peak Performance Plus, LLC








Just Off The Press!!!


Do You Really Need To Write A Book? Tips & Techniques For Writing, Publishing, Marketing & Promoting YOUR BOOK!

 By Carol Adler


Retail price $20.00 - Available to ASPH Members for $14.00!!


Copies Available At The March Meeting…




Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

This company is a preferred vendor of The National Guild of Hypnotists and their members.


Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, ATM, debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT cards), electronic gift and loyalty cards as well as a variety of private label and smart card technologies. Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, supermarket, gas station or lodging merchant, we have the transaction processing solution that's right for you. We also offer solutions for mail order and telephone order, e-Commerce, Internet and home-based businesses.

Contact Linda Monico

New England Payment Systems


603.475.9345 Cell      1.866.236.5424 Fax




Looking for ways to cut costs in your practice?


Low cost health insurance solutions for individuals, families and small businesses


Along with being a CHt, I am also a licensed Life & Health insurance agent in Arizona, and have over 10 years experience helping clients find their best options.  

My job isn’t to ‘sell you’ insurance, my job is to provide consultation on plans, and then find and tailor the product that best suits your needs and budget.

I’d be happy to provide a free quote, and see if we can improve your profit margin.


Special note – for those that qualify, there is a little know tax law that may save you thousands! The average savings is over $3,500 a year!!

That’s equivalent to cutting your health premiums by nearly $300 per month!


Like to know more?


Tim Paulson

(623) 826-5112


Monthly Networking Meeting


If you would like to discuss building your practice, or any other hypnosis related topics over dinner, please
plan on arriving at the Home Town Buffet about 6:00pm. Join us in the NW corner of the dining room for a
relaxed, casual, and stimulating dinner conversation of subjects important to us all.





The following members are available to easily network among ASH members. If you would like to have your contract information included in this list of ASPH members, please email ( ) with your name, phone number and email address.


Carol Adler 480-452-9183

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Rebekah Costello 602 316-8561

Sandi Graves 480-628-5436

Phil Hamilton 602-330-6886

Alan Handelsman 602-478-8346

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Robert J. O’Connor 602-593-4006

Susan Poznanski 602-843-8835

Martha Reed 623 249-5888

Tina Sacchi  623-261-6167

Cheryle Timbrook 480-201-7723


Some Links to Professional Association Websites


National Guild of Hypnotists

The International Hypnosis Research Institute

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Association of Counselors & Therapists

International Hypnosis Federation

International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc.

American Hypnosis Association - AHA

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Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis (AAEH)

Arizona - Events Calendar



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Carol Adler, CHt

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Mesa, Arizona 85202


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Treasurer’s Report


On February 13, 2010, the ASPH Bank Account Balance is $2459.35.

Thank you so much for sending in your Renewal and New Membership Dues!

Remember to make out your checks to:


Carol Adler


Write On the Check: “Pay To The Order Of Carol Adler”

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New banking laws do not allow a non-profit non tax-paying organization to pay to the order of the name of the organization. Checks must be made out to an actual person representing the organization. As Statutory Agent, Carol Adler is that designated representative. Thank you for your cooperation!


Please mail your membership checks for $35.00 (renewal) or $85.00 (new member) to:


Carol Adler

ASPH Statutory Agent 1960 West Keating Avenue – No. 236

Mesa, Arizona 85202


Thank you!







Dear ASPH Members,


Following are the amended ASPH Constitution and By-Laws. Please review these documents. If you have any questions or comments or if you wish to cast a negative vote against adopting these amended documents, kindly email me at . 


If I do not hear from you by March 15, 2010, I will assume that you are in favor of the amended documents. They will then be posted on the website and made available electronically for any member who wishes to have their own pdf copy.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Sincerely yours,

Carol Adler, CHt

ASPH Statutory Agent










The name of this organization shall be the






The Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis is a non-profit corporation in good standing, registered in the State of  Arizona as 0119493-3. 





SECTION I. PURPOSE – Subject to the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation of this Society, and without in any way adding thereto or subtracting therefrom, the purposes for which this Society is founded shall include, but be limited to, the following:


To aid the progress of the profession of hypnosis, professional hypnotists and professional hypnotherapists generally; to advance the theory and practice of hypnosis in the healing, dental, psychiatric and psychological professions and the allied arts and sciences; to enhance the status of the professional hypnotist and professional hypnotherapist; to encourage research and the preparation of papers, documents and reports on topics relevant to hypnosis; to develop standards, a code of ethics and recommended practices for professionals in hypnotherapy and the healing arts; to oppose legislative measures, proposals or programs designed to restrict the practice of hypnosis exclusively to certain professional groups; to take positions and issue position papers on legislation or proposals thereafter affecting hypnosis and its practice; to cooperate with other hypnosis and professional organizations and to advance relations with government agencies and the general public; to establish programs that inform the public and the professions in order to promote a better understanding and a wider acceptance of the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy; and to unite professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists for the purpose of maintaining a representative and effective organization to act upon all matters affecting the practice of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


SECTION 2. BRANCHES – In order to carry out the purposes of the Society, subordinate branches of chapters may be established in the State of Arizona.





SECTION I. ELIGIBILITY AND CLASSES – Membership in this society shall be open to persons who are of good moral character and who support the aims of this organization. All applicants for membership must be approved by the Board of Officers. Such members may vote, hold office and participate in furthering the aims of the Society as provided in Article II above. There shall be three classes of membership, defined as follows:


a)     CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP – Membership in this category shall be open to persons who have been certified by a recognized training program in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. They are therefore, certified by both their training organization or program as well as ASPH to practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy “professionally,” if they wish, i.e., to practice with the intention of receiving remuneration for their services. Certified Professional Members may use the designation: “Certified Professional Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist, A.S.P.H.”


b)     ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Members in this category do not presently qualify for Certified Professional Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist status, yet as a paying member of ASPH, they have full privileges to participate in all aspects of the organization.


c)      HONORARY MEMBERSHIP – Based on a majority vote of the Executive Board, an individual may be invited to become an honorary member for one (1) year from the date of acceptance. This person is not required to pay dues, nor are they required to have professional certification or status as a practicing Hypnotherapist. During this honorary membership term, they may advertise their services and events in the monthly ASPH newsletter and post their contact information on the ASPH website gratis. Honorary members do not have membership voting privilege. At the end of the year, these individuals may choose to join ASPH, based on membership and dues requirements.


SECTION 2. CHARTER MEMBERSHIP – Persons whose membership applications are approved before January 1, 1976 shall be designated as “Charter Members” and shall receive membership identification cards and certificates accordingly. The issuance of appropriate identification cards and certificates shall begin only after all “Charter Members” have paid in full their membership fee and dues for the year 1975, as provided in the By-Laws.


SECTION 3. EMERITUS MEMBERSHIP – Persons who have been active (participating ) members, have also served as officers for a significant period of time (3+ years) and have been given a citation by the organization for their outstanding service to the organization, may be designed by the organization as “emeritus.” From that time forth these persons are except from paying dues and any other membership fees.


SECTION 3. APPLICATION – Applicants for membership in the Society shall fill out an application form provided therefore, and submit it with membership fee and dues to the Treasurer.


SECTION 4. APPROVAL – Upon approval by the Board of Officers and admittance to the Society, each member shall receive a certificate, signed by the President and undersigned by  Current Officer of the organization; as well as copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics. Members may also obtain their organization documents from the website,


SECTION 5. CERTIFICATES - Membership certificates will be renewed annually upon payment of membership renewal dues.


SECTION 6. REJECTION – Any applicant rejected by the Board of Officers may appeal to the decision of that Board for review with cause. The Board’s decision regarding the appeal shall be final.


SECTION 7. COMPLAINTS – Complaints against members shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Officers.  The Board shall investigate all such complaints.  It may summon the members involved to hearings at which the complaint shall be aired, and any member against whom the allegations are lodged shall have full opportunity to face the complainant and to speak in his or her own defense, with or without aid of council. Non-members of the Board shall not be permitted to attend these hearings, unless they are appearing as witnesses or as council. After due process and considered deliberation the Board may declare the complaint unjustified or may suspend or expel the accused or invoke other disciplinary action as disposition of complaint.





SECTION I. ADMISSION FEE/DUES. There shall be an admission fee for guests at monthly meetings, a one-time admission fee, one-time certification fee, and annual dues required for membership in this Society, as determined by the Board of Officers, from time to time. Dues for each class of membership shall be determined by the Board of Officers. If change in the amount of dues is called for, said change must be affirmed by two-thirds of the membership in good standing. Annual dues are waived for Emeritus Members of the Society and for members of the Executive Board.



SECTION 2. ASSESSMENTS.  There shall be no assessments made upon the members above and including the annual dues, unless such assessment is approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members in good standing.



SECTION 4. ARREARS. Members whose dues are in arrears more than thirty days after the beginning of the calendar year will be notified. Thirty days after notification with no response, they shall be automatically suspended from membership. If they wish to re-join, they will be required to pay annual membership fees.


SECTION 5. CUSTODY OF FUNDS. All funds of the Society shall be in the custody of the Statutory Agent, who, with the Current Treasurer, shall keep them in a checking account in a bank approved by the Executive Board. Checks drawn against the Treasury shall be signed by the Statutory Agent.





SECTION I. OFFICERS – The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


SECTION 2. Board of Officers or Executive Board – A Board of Officers consisting of four (5) members shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership as provided in the By-Laws.


(a)   The Board shall have charge of and be responsible for all property of the Society. They shall examine the Statutory Agent/Treasurer’s bank book and see that all the monies are deposited in the name of the Society.

(b)  The Board shall also perform other duties as further set forth in the By-Laws and as directed, not otherwise provided for.


SECTION 3. THE IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. The Immediate Past President shall be an honorary position. The Immediate Past President shall advise and assist the President and the Executive Board in the performance of their respective duties and shall execute such assignments as may be ordered by them or either of them. The Immediate Past Present is entitled to one vote at all Board of Officers meetings.





SECTION I. EXECUTIVE BOARD. The Executive Board shall consist of the four (4) officers of the Society, the Statutory Agent/Parliamentarian, the Immediate Past President, and Emeritus Society Members.


SECTION II. STATUTORY AGENT. The Statutory Agent shall maintain legal documents pertaining to the Organization’s corporate standing and affiliation with the Arizona Corporation Commission, and shall file the Annual Report of the Society, with the Arizona Corporation Commission, within the required annual time frame. The Statutory Agent’s physical address is the official Arizona Corporation listing for this Society. The Statutory Agent shall attend Board of Officer meetings and is entitled to one vote at all Board meetings.


The Statutory Agent shall also be the signer on the organization’s bank account and shall retain the bank credit/debit card for the organization.


SECTION III. PARLIAMENTARIAN. The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for reviewing the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics from time to time and for making recommended changes to the rest of the Executive Board, if deemed necessary.





SECTION I. MEETINGS. All meetings for and of the membership of this Society shall be held at the time and place announced, to transact the business of the Society as provided in the By-Laws.





SECTION I. STANDING COMMITTEES.  The Standing Committees of the Society shall be as follows and their powers and authority shall be as provided in the By-Laws.





SECTION I. Alterations and Amendments to this Constitution and its By-Laws shall be presented in writing and presented at the next regular meeting of the Society.  A two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership shall be required for adoption of proposed changes.





SECTION I. The Constitution together with the By-Laws enacted in regular meetings are the fundamental law of the Society and shall govern the conduct of business and the membership in this Society: and where the same are silent, by Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised.










SECTION I. The regular meeting of the Society shall be on the first Tuesday of each month, unless this Tuesday falls on or within close proximity of a federal or religious holiday, thus making it inconvenient for members to attend. The following Tuesday of that month will then be designated as the meeting date for that month only.  The hour of the meeting shall be at 7:00 PM or such time as is necessary to convenience the membership or meeting place, and said meeting shall be called to order promptly, providing there is a quorum present.  Ten (10) members or 10% of the membership in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the legal transaction of business at either a regular or special meeting.


SECTION II. Special meetings shall be called by the President upon request of the Board of Officers or ten (10) members of the Society; meetings must be announced to the rest of the members of the Society by written notice for the purpose for which it is called at least five (5) days and not more than ten (10) days in advance of the time and date of the scheduled meeting. The written notice shall be by post and/or email, whenever possible, to the members at their addresses of record with the Society.





SECTION I.  The annual dues of this Society shall be thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per year and will remain as such until change is called for and said change is affirmed by two-thirds of the membership in good standing. All dues are payable at the beginning of the new year.


SECTION 2. In addition to the annual dues there shall be an initial one-time membership fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and a one-time certification fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) all of which shall be placed in the General Fund.


SECTION 3. Membership fee and dues shall be paid before the candidate for membership is issued their certificate of membership.


SECTION 4. Guests are permitted two (2) free visits at monthly Society meetings; after the second free visit, admission fee is Five Dollars ($5.00) per meeting for the rest of the year. The following year, if the guest wishes to continue attending meetings, they will be required to join as a new member.


SECTION 5. The following ASPH members are exempt from paying annual membership dues:


Current Officers

Immediate Past President

Emeritus Members

Statutory Agent



SECTION 6. Members may have the ASPH monthly newsletter posted to them by mail. Annual fee for this service is Twenty dollars ($20.00).






President - shall be the chief officer of the Society, shall sign all official documents that are authorized by the Society, shall preside at all meetings of the members and enforce order and a strict compliance with the Constitution and By-Laws, appoint the chairpersons of all Boards and Committees not otherwise provided for, be ex-officio member of all Boards and Committees and see that the officers perform their respective duties faithfully and impartially.


However, except for the Committee chairpersons, all appointments of committee members shall be made by the chairperson of said Committee.


While occupying the chair, the President shall take no part in debate.


The President shall also transact such other business as may by custom, pertain to that office. The President shall decide all points of law and order subject to appeal, which shall forthwith be considered by the Society.


The President by virtue of their office shall have no vote except to break a tie or deadlock.


The President shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of President.


Vice President - shall assist the President in the performance of their duties. In the absence of the President the duties of the office shall be performed by the Vice President and in the absence of the President and Vice President, their duties shall be performed by the Secretary.


The Vice President or Secretary when performing the duties of the President shall have no vote except to break a tie or deadlock.


If all three of these Officers are unable to attend a monthly meeting, the Executive Board shall re-schedule the date of the meeting at a time when one of these three officers can be in attendance.


The Vice President shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Vice President.


Secretary - shall keep a correct record of all transactions of each meeting of the Society and Board of Officers' meetings, and record the same in respective books to be known as the Book of Minutes.


The Secretary shall send a monthly newsletter to each member, containing current announcements and schedule of forthcoming Society meetings, Minutes from the previous Society meeting, the current Treasurer’s Report, and other information deemed to be of value to members.


The newsletter will be sent electronically (by email) and will be sent by post to those Society members who do not have email addresses. It is the responsibility of each Society member to deliver the most current email and/or postal address to the Secretary, who will send this information to the Treasurer.


The monthly newsletter shall be sent not less than five (5) days or more than twenty-five (25) days prior to the next meeting date.


The Secretary and Statutory Agent have access to the email address at where organization emails are sent and received. The Secretary shall liaise with Agent to keep the contact list of email addresses current.



The Secretary, Treasurer and Statutory Agent shall keep an accurate database of Society members, containing name, address, phone numbers, fax number, email address and URL address.


The Secretary is the contact person for all notices and announcements.


At the expiration of the Secretary's term of office, the Secretary shall give a correct report of the business of the office to the Society and deliver to the successor in said office all books and other property belonging to the Society in retiring Secretary's possession.


The Secretary shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Secretary.



Treasurer - The Treasurer shall liaise with the Statutory Agent to solicit and invoice all members for their annual dues, keep an accurate account of all the monies received and expended, and liaise with the Secretary & Statutory Agent to keep the Membership Roster current.


The Treasurer shall secure the meeting place for monthly meetings as well as the December Holiday Party and liaise with the Statutory Agent for arranging monthly payments to the rental facility manager.


The Treasurer shall liaise with the Statutory Agent and Secretary to keep a database of paid members. This database will contain current member information concerning name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address and URL address.


The Secretary, Treasurer and Statutory Agent shall confer and update this database on a monthly basis.


At the regular meeting held in December of each year, the Treasurer and/or Statutory Agent shall give to all other officers a correct account of all monies in the organization’s checking account, together with the books, papers and receipts belonging to that office. At any time when ordered by the Society, the Treasurer and/or Statutory Agent shall deliver all monies, books and receipts.


The Treasurer & Statutory Agent shall deliver to the successor in office all the books and other properties in said Treasurer's possession belonging to the Society. All disbursements made by the Treasurer from any monies held by Treasurer belonging to the Society shall be paid by check or the ASPH bank debit card.  The Treasurer is not authorized at any time on behalf of the Society to make payments by cash. All expenditures that exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) must be approved by the Board of Officers.


The Treasurer shall perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Treasurer.


The Statutory Agent is a member of the Executive Board.


The Statutory Agent shall maintain all corporate records in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission, and banking records with the Society’s bank of choice.



The Statutory Agent shall be the signer on the organization’s bank checking account, which is a personal checking account recorded in the Statutory Agent’s name.


The Statutory Agent’s physical address is the mailing address for all organizational business and activities.


The Statutory Agent shall liaise with the Secretary and Treasurer in order to maintain monthly roster updates, membership dues updates and all matters pertaining to the membership database.


The Statutory Agent shall be responsible for an archive of the current most comprehensive membership database.


Both the Statutory Agent and Secretary have access to the email address at where organization emails are sent and received. The Statutory Agent shall liaise with the Secretary and Treasurer to keep the contact list of email addresses current.


The Statutory Agent shall create, print out and mail Membership Certificates to each of the paid members for that year. The Statutory Agent shall keep the archive of the template of this Membership Certificate Form. If the Statutory Agent is unable to perform this duty, they will contract this service to another organization member or to a professional printing and copy establishment.


Carol Adler is the appointed Statutory Agent for the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis until or unless Ms. Adler resigns.


All official ASPH corporate business will be sent to Ms. Adler’s address at 1960 West Keating AvenueSte. 236, Mesa, Arizona 85202.


Resignation requires 30 days notice in writing.


Upon resignation, the current Executive Board by majority vote will appoint a new Statutory Agent. Ms. Adler will transfer all records to the new Statutory Agent and notify the Arizona Corporation Commission of this change of title and contact information. The organization will also open a new bank personal checking account bearing the name and address of the Statutory Agent.


The Statutory Agent will perform all duties as outlined in the current ASPH Systems Manual for the Office of Statutory Agent.


Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian shall serve as the resource agent for rules and regulations governing ASPH as stated in the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics.



The Parliamentarian shall update ASPH documents and present these changes to the Executive Board for approval before the membership votes on acceptance.


The Parliamentarian is a member of the ASPH Executive Board.


Carol Adler is the appointed Parliamentarian for the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis until or unless Ms. Adler resigns.


If the Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian positions are served by the same person, that person has only one vote at Executive Board meetings.


Upon resignation, the current Executive Board will appoint by majority vote a new Parliamentarian, who will serve until that person resigns.




SECTION I. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS.  The newly elected officers shall be installed at the regular meeting in January of each year by the presiding President or other Officers appointed by the presiding President.  If one or more of the newly elected are absent, they shall be installed at the next regular meeting, and if absent at the third successive meeting, the office shall be declared vacant and a successor elected in the manner provided for the election of officers.


SECTION 2. VACANCIES. Vacancies among the Board of Officers may be filled by affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Officers then in office, regardless of their number.  A member elected or appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold office until the next regular meeting at which the election of the Board of Officers is in the regular order of business, and until a successor is elected or appointed and qualified.




SECTION I. All officers except the Secretary and Treasurer shall have the privilege of resigning at any time provided no charges whatever exist against them.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall present their resignations in writing one meeting previous to it being acted upon, and the resignations shall be accepted, provided no charges whatever exist against them.


SECTION 2. Any elected office holder may be impeached for violation of the provisions of the Constitution and/or By-Laws. It shall require a two-thirds vote of all members present to order the trial of an office on charges preferred.


SECTION 3. When needed, the Board of Ethics and Standards shall be appointed by the President. This Board shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members and a maximum of five (5) members.


SECTION 4. Any member of the Society who may have charges against him, shall appear upon notified to do so by the Board of Ethics and Standards. The accused member shall be allowed a fair and impartial hearing on charges preferred against the said member.  All charges shall be made in writing, and proper notice given to the accused.


SECTION 5.     The verdict shall stand unless appealed to, and reversed by an affirmative vote of four-fifths of the Board of Officers.  Any member preferring charges against another member for the purpose of maliciously or otherwise injuring such member, shall be liable to suspension or expulsion from the Society by the same above procedure.





SECTION I. All monies collected for membership fees and dues, special assessments, donations and benefits shall be placed in the General Fund and all expenses shall be paid from this fund.


SECTION 2. EXPENDITURES. All money collected for dues shall be kept in the General Fund and all expenditures shall be paid from this fund. Any charitable donations given by the individual members of the Society shall be at their own discretion and not through or by the Society.





SECTION I. The Board of Officers (Executive Board) shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, Emeritus Members, Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian. The Board shall be the governing body and shall have the authority to perform all duties and transact the business to accomplish the aims and objectives of the Society in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws. If the Statutory Agent and Parliamentarian is the same individual, that person shall have only one vote at Executive Board meetings. If these two positions are filled by two individuals, each individual will have one vote at Executive Board meetings.


SECTION 2. Emeritus Members. Emeritus members are permanent members of the Board of Officers and shall have one vote at Executive Board meetings. The following members have been given Emeritus status in ASPH:


Lindsay Brady, CHt.

Leo Gagnon, CHt.

Robert J. O’Connor, CHt.


SECTION 3. Meetings. An Executive Board Meeting will take place immediately after the December meeting preceding the January meeting. Subsequent meetings thereafter during that year will be scheduled at the discretion of the President and one additional member of the Executive Board. The President will notify Executive Board members at least ten (10) days in advance of the date and location of each additional Executive Board meeting. At least three officers must be present at an Executive Board meeting.


SECTION 4. Nomination and election of the Board of Officers. No members shall be eligible as a candidate for office unless the candidate is in good standing, has been a member at least one year, and has attended at least three regular meetings during the past calendar year.


Nomination of officers shall be at the regular association meeting in November of each year.


A member must be present at the November meeting wherein said member’s name is placed in nomination unless said member is verifiably with a client or patient, or is absent on account of sickness. In either case, the said verification must be shown or presented to the Secretary prior to the meeting in which the nomination is made; otherwise the member’s name will not be printed on the ballot.


SECTION 5. The election of officers shall be held prior to the third week of December of each year. All candidates are to be elected by ballot and those receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected at the regular December meeting.


SECTION 5. The method of balloting shall be decided each year as directed by the Board of Officers.


SECTION 6.  Quorum. Except as provided otherwise in the case of the Board of Officers, a majority of any committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.





SECTION 1. Web Domain. ASPH’s web domain names are and


SECTION 2. Web Domain Registration and Passwords. The appointed webmaster and web host for the ASPH website shall be in charge of domain registration company and address. The appointed webmaster and web host, current Secretary and Statutory Agent shall retain user name, passwords, File Transfer Protocol (ftp) user name and password, and all other proprietary information pertaining to the ASPH website.


SECTION 4. All invoices for the website as pre-approved by the membership, shall be sent to the ASPH Statutory Agent and Treasurer, who are responsible for paying these invoices in a timely manner.


SECTION 5. The appointed webmaster and web host will work integrally with the current ASPH Secretary and Statutory Agent to post and maintain the most current data and content for the organization and its membership. The ASPH Secretary shall be the contact person for all matters pertaining to the website and web hosting.


SECTION 6. At the first Board Meeting of the year, the Executive  Board shall review all aspects of the website, including but not limited to administration, hosting, budget, structure and content, and appoint a committee if necessary for developing recommendations for revision. The website committee will present this list of recommendations to the Executive Board for their approval. The list will then be presented to the membership for a vote at the next monthly meeting.






1.      Call meeting to order promptly.

2.      Officers introduce themselves.

3.      Welcome ASPH members and visiting guests.

4.      Have everyone introduce themselves by name and identify themselves as members or guests with brief comment as to reason for attending.

5.      Accept new applications for memberships.

6.      Have members share information on upcoming classes or events related to Hypnosis and mind-body topics.

7.      Conduct and discuss necessary ASPH business matters (old      and new).

8.      Have a short (less than 5 minutes) guided visualization for centering and focus.

9.      Introduce the presenter of the monthly topic conveying National Guild of Hypnotists credit hours available for meeting and following class.

10.  Present the evening’s topic with follow-up questions and answer period.

11.  Ask for discussion, questions and sharing of positive hypnosis-related experiences; share challenging client situations with creative suggestions from the group.

12.  Thank everyone present for attending and for their contribution to the evening’s discussion.

13.  Announce next month’s presentation topic and facilitator.

14.  Call for a motion to adjourn.





SECTION I. These By-Laws shall be amended in the manner as specified in Article IX of the Constitution.