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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7:00 p.m. SHARP


Topic: Let’s Clear The Air: Working with Smokers Can Be Fun!

Presenter: Alan Handelsman



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Topic: Let’s Clear The Air: Working with Smokers Can Be Fun!

Presenter: Alan Handelsman


There is a rumor going around that many hypnotherapists do not like working with smoking cessation clients. These people, however, need our help, and can be the best source of referrals. After all, smoking cessation is one of the quickest and most visible results we get with hypnosis. An ex-smoker’s smoking friends immediately notice a difference, and ask, “How did you do it?” And sometimes, just like that, we get more business.

This presentation, however, will not focus on business. It will focus on a very easy way to help smokers quit smoking. A method that has many advantages:

∑ It is simple.
∑ It will help you sharpen your hypnotherapy skills, no matter the issue.
∑ You can use the same method for many other issues, either alone, or in combination with the methods you now use.
∑ It is easy, mainly because the client does most of the work.
∑ During the entire process, you need only mention smoking once or twice.

Sound like fun? It can be.

After more than nine years as a hypnotherapist, the one thing that has become most obvious to Alan is that he has aged almost 10 years. This means that he has reached an age where he has learned to rely on the client’s power and effort more than his own. He has learned that he doesn’t have to prove himself with each client. He has reached an age where he knows what works for him; he can express it and teach it. He has reached an age where he has learned that it is not always necessary to take some things quite so seriously. And that sometimes, taking things less seriously can make those things easier, more fun, more satisfying, and very, very, effective.

Alan will be doing a demonstration as part of the presentation. You don’t have to be a smoker to participate. He can adapt the demo for any problem or habit you’d like to address. It won’t even be necessary to make that problem public. Or maybe you know someone who has talked about quitting smoking, or some other habit. If you or someone you know would like to participate in Alan demonstration, please call him at 602-478-8346. As a thank you for volunteering, you or your friend will receive two free follow-up private sessions.

Alan's Bio

    After graduating in 1972 from Northeast High School in Philadelphia near the top of his class, but a good 15 to 20 places below Lewis Heller (it depends on who you talk to – Alan or Lewis), Alan finished his academic career by enrolling at West Chester State College as a music major receiving his B.S. (It’s not what you think.) degree in 1977. Always on the fast track, Alan earned his Master’s Degree in Music performance twelve years later, in 1989.

    In his long career as a musician, he was putting people to sleep on a regular basis, so his switch to hypnosis was a natural progression. The other reason for his entrance into the field of hypnotherapy was that he needed so much help with his stage fright and depression, he was hoping to get a professional discount.

    Whether as a musician, developer of the Resonance Tuner™, public speaker, or hypnotherapist, Alan has come to be very widely known in very small circles.
    Now semi-retired, he lives a life of relative seclusion at an undisclosed location in south Scottsdale at 6112 E. Vernon Ave. (85257) He lives with his wife Anita (the one with the real sense of humor), and their male bunny-rabbit — named Precious — who obviously has some issues of his own to work out.




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Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2009


Prior to tonight’s meeting, the Board met with our Webmaster, Don Beckett to discuss some changes to the website. We will be making a few changes in the next few months. Some will be minor, but important changes, like adding the presentation calendar and including the membership forms in the website. We will also be making some big changes to the listing page for our members who wish to be listed on the website. Don was leaving for an extended trip and we will begin to make these changes after his return. We will announce more about the listings at the upcoming meetings and in the newsletter.


President, Robert J. O’Connor called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  Everyone introduced themselves and shared why they attended the meeting. During the announcements, we discussed some issues we are having with people who use Cox for their emails. It seems that sometimes our emails get through and sometimes they don’t. We generally send out two emails a month, one around the 18-20th and one on the weekend before the meeting. If you are on Cox and not regularly receiving these emails please check your security settings on Cox. If they are too high we are being blocked. Or, if you have an alternative email we can use, please let me know by popping me an email at or giving me a call at 602-896-0146. Carol Adler also suggested setting up a free G-mail account through Google as this has been the most reliable work around Cox she has found.


Our presenter for the evening was Debbie Peacock talking about her hypnosis practice dealing with women with sever emotional and physical traumas. First we want to thank Debbie for bringing to us this extremely important topic and to thank her friend Terry for her courage to come in front of the group to talk to us and be a part of Debbie’s demonstration that evening.


Debbie has been working for many years with women who suffer from sever issues as a result of tremendous physical and emotional traumas. These issues range from deep seated anger, fear, low self esteem, and relationship and sexual issues. Throughout her presentation, she stressed the importance of two things – listening and non-judgment.  Debbie stressed how important the pre-talk was in working with people with PTSD, how important it is to listen to what they say, not what we are thinking. Often times this you will be the first person to really listen to them and hear their deeper story. It is also extremely important (and often difficult) not to show any shock in response to their story. Truly the key to working with people with severe traumas is to listen to their story in a non-judgmental way and providing hypnosis techniques that fit the layer of emotion or release they are currently working on.


Throughout the evening Debbie offered us a few techniques to assist with specific issues. She suggested the use of part’s therapy for the deep seated anger that accompanies physical or emotional abuse. She also recommended a technique where the person visualized their abuser shrinking and being made to disappear. People who have been so deeply wounded also experience major issues with self-esteem. Debbie’s demonstration for the evening offered us a wonderful example of using hypnosis to help our clients to recover their personal power by removing the obstacles they see that keep them separated from their own power.


This was a very powerful presentation that reminded us all how important our work as hypnotists is in helping clients to heal on the deepest levels.


Following the presentation, members announced their upcoming events. The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Gent, ASPH Secretary



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