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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7:00 p.m. SHARP


Topic: Past-Life and Spirit Releasement

Presenter: Linda Bennett, MS, CCHT, LC, CAS



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Past-Life and Spirit Releasement

Linda Bennett (Tuesday, Sept. 1 meeting)


From Linda Bennett:


No type of therapy has all the answers. However, following in the footsteps of pioneers in this field from Edgar Cayce to Dr. Brian Weiss, I believe that regression therapy is the gateway to tremendous healing opportunities. If time allows, we will also explore “Spirit Attachments.”


Spirit Releasement is a therapy, not a rite. Unlike exorcism, it comes from a position of compassion, not confrontation. Spirit Releasement aims both to free the client and to assist the attached spirit to continue its evolutionary journey.


Past Life Therapy and Soul Retrieval as established therapies, are often usefully combined with Spirit Releasement Therapy.  Regression therapy is the ability to go back in time to a previous event and discover its current impact on our lives… going back in time can be 5 minutes ago, 5 months ago, 5 years ago, 55 years ago, or even 5 centuries ago. 


This presentation will include:


Ž   Is it real?  Discussion of how, if we don’t remember our past lives, then they can’t be real; yet we don’t remember our births, but we don’t doubt that… Does it matter?

Ž   Where do these stories come from? Discussion of ways to experience stories, including experiential exercises of story telling.

Ž   What to do with these stories.  


About Linda Bennett:


Linda is a Life Coach, Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor. She has taught in both California and Arizona. She has also been Certified as a Substance Abuse Specialist, and is an Ordained Minister. Linda has over 15 years and thousands of hours of clinical experience along with over twenty years in the field of training and development


In addition to her private practice, Linda is Director of Education for the award- winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Through her work and teaching, she utilizes proven techniques, including therapeutic imagery, inner child work, regression therapy, Hypno-Kinesiology, and various forms of energy work, including Reiki, flower essences, numerology and 12-step work. 


As a member of the International Association for Regression Research &Therapies she is actively involved in Past-Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy. She regularly offers seminars and presentations to groups and organizations throughout the U.S. Linda is the author of numerous Hypno-therapeutic CDs, a script book for Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches and a transformational self-healing guidebook titled Freedom From Spiritual Suicide - The Mending of Mind, Heart and Spirit.  


Linda Bennett, MS, CCHT, LC, CAS

Director of Education

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Work   480-994-9244 x 115

Fax      480-966-0300


Hypnotherapy/ Life coaching Instructor

Past-Life, Spirit Releasement and Trance Dialog





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October – Hypnosis for Food Addictions – Presenter – Dr. Ilana Oren


November – Officer Nominations and a short presentation by Lindsay Brady


December – Holiday Party Time!



Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2009


President, Robert J. O’Connor called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  After introducing himself and the other officers, he announced that Debbie Gent, CHt, ASPH Secretary, will be unable to continue her service to ASPH in this role. He reported that expansion of Debbie’s shamanic practice that will involve more travel and possible relocation have required her to cut back on her current responsibilities. Robert stated that her service was indeed a great gift to ASPH and that she has done an outstanding job producing beautiful, well-written newsletters. She also assisted in developing the initial restructuring of the ASPH website, providing her insights and experiences. Robert expressed his gratitude on behalf of all ASPH members for the time, energy and TLC that Debbie provided during 2008 and 2009 as ASPH secretary.


Before continuing with members’ introductions, Robert proceeded to report on progress of website restructuring. The plan is to:


Ž    Convert the website to a software program that allows for interactive, user-friendly input from the Secretary or other assigned members of the organization to download monthly newsletters with working hyperlinks within the newsletter, and other current information valuable to both site visitors and members.


Ž    Revise the Hypnotherapists’ Page by insuring equal and fair opportunity for all listings by adding a 250-word maximum paragraph beneath each hyperlinked listing (contact information). Listings will be alphabetical and if a Hypnotherapist wishes to limit their territory to a certain area of Phoenix or the State of Arizona, they can state this in their allotted paragraph.


Ž    Reinstate basic organization documents (Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Ethics) on the Home Page, with the addition of a fourth hyperlink for the Membership Package document, downloadable to visitors and potential members.


Ž    Change the web host company to one that is less expensive and that allows for free access to traffic statistics and information.


Robert stated it is hoped these revisions will be completed within the next 60 days or possibly sooner. Each practicing member will be asked to submit their 250-word paragraph to the webmaster or ASPH member in charge of web input.


He then asked for members to introduce themselves. During this part of the meeting, members provided suggestions for greater exposure and free advertising through initiation of radio and TV programs and participation in health fairs. A mini-health fair sponsored by ASPH was suggested. Robert said it is hoped that the treasury will have the financial resources in the near future to sponsor such an event.


The evening’s presenter, Bill Regner, BA, CCHt, led the group in a guided meditation that segued into the main part of his presentation, “The Triune Mind: Belief Formation and Transformation.”


Bill refers to himself as a “reactive intuitive.” During his sessions, Bill avoids the use of “inductions” and formal scripts. The process is one of responding to the client, “getting out of the way and letting the client do the work.”


The therapeutic goal is to help the client identify and transform currently held beliefs that are not working or appear to be causing interference, i.e., conflict, stress, physical health issues, etc.; and then assist them in transforming these beliefs to healthy, productive ones.


By honoring the client’s current unhealthy or unproductive beliefs rather than “trashing them,” Bill thus creates a safe environment for client/therapist interaction. Without the use of suggestive or directive hypnosis techniques, Bill then guides his clients through the process of tapping into their own higher intelligence in order to achieve the desired transformation.  


Before actually conducting a session with a new client, Bill invites them to a free group discussion in which dispels their myths about hypnotherapy and creates a safe environment for the transformative healing process to take place during the client’s future session.


Robert pointed out afterward that this approach to hypnotherapy is shamanic (as opposed to the “quick fix” mechanistic approach). It was agreed that both can be effective, based on the nature of presenting issues and the level of transformative work that the client wishes to achieve.


Bill’s handout was an excellent diagram of “The Triune Mind” that included the following statements that serve as the foundation of his hypnotherapy practice: “The purpose of the mind is to move us away form pain or move us towards pleasure”; and “Even the most dysfunctional belief was originally formed and accepted with a positive intention for us.”


At the conclusion of Bill’s presentation, received with great enthusiasm and gratitude, Robert asked for new business, announcements and discussion from members. Since none was forthcoming, a call for adjournment was recognized and accepted. The meeting concluded at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Adler, MFA, CHt., ASPH Statutory Agent

ASPH Secretary Pro Temp




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Thank you!






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Dr. Martha Reed,  CHt

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From Former ASPH Secretary, Debbie Gent, CHt


Thank you and Farewell - Just a quick note to my family at ASPH to bid you ado. For many of us, we been friends for a lot of years and some just a short time, but I have enjoyed and appreciated the time we've spent together. But, the time has come for me to move on to a new adventure. Years ago, Gary and I were given a vision to build a retreat where we can bring people to discover their connections to “All That Is” and explore their world through shamanic practices. Now is the time for us to begin making this happen. We were drawn back to southern Oregon, and this will be our new home in the near future. To make this happen and be able to travel back and forth to look at property as well as pursue a couple of other super growth opportunities we have, we had to lighten our schedules. It just wasn't fair to you as a group for me to be a part-time secretary, so I decided to resign and turn my discs over to someone who will be there for you full time. 


I will miss you all and may pop in on occasion when I am in town.


Wicca has a saying that fits  “Merry meet, Merry part, Merry meet again.”


Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),

Debbie Gent




Just a quick note of thanks to you and all the ASPH members for the lovely gift I received from you yesterday. Is this the key to my new home in Oregon? (Note: ASPH sent Debbie a necklace pendant “Destiny Key” in gratitude for her service from June 2008 through July 2009, as ASPH Secretary.)


I am extremely excited about embarking on my new journeys and hope our roads may cross again.


Debbie Gent

Shamanic Facilitator/Medicine Woman/Certified Hypnotherapist





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