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stress, anxiety, pain, PTSD, smoking, weight control, sports, self-confidence, & alcohol and drug abuse


Hypnosis is proven to be one of the most beneficial, cost-effective methods for successfully removing unwanted and unhealthy behavior and self-imposed limitations.

Founded in 1978

ASPH is Arizona’s only non-profit professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy organization. It is one of the largest active Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy membership groups in the country.

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The Arizona Society For Professional Hypnosis (ASPH) has had a profound impact on my life. First, by referring me to a hypnotherapist for my personal growth when I needed it. Next, allowing me to join the society mostly because I was interested in learning more about hypnosis and thought it would be fun getting to know other hypnotists. And finally, ASPH provided me with the means to become a Certified Hypnotherapist. Now, for the past five decades, hypnotherapy has provided me and my family with a life-long and successful profession. Come join us! – Lindsay A. Brady, C.Ht.

One of the Nation’s Largest and Most Active Groups

The Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis (ASPH) is a highly active force within the hypnotherapy community. The society’s focus is to bring hypnotists and hypnotherapists together, to learn from one another, to explore every facet regarding the art of hypnosis, and to enlighten the public as to the validity of hypnotherapy. ASPH live monthly meetings (local and via Zoom) are lively, informative, dynamic, and fun! Topics for each monthly meeting are focused on a different predetermined issue that blends ancient, traditional, and advanced methodologies. ASPH is also an avenue to rub shoulders with like-minded, professional people who are interested in learning from, and helping others succeed.