Hypnosis is rapidly becoming known as one of the most beneficial, cost-effective methods for successfully addressing a large number and variety of personal challenges.

Founded in 1978

ASPH is Arizona’s only independent professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy organization. It is one of the largest active Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy membership groups in the country.

Monthly Zoom or Live Group Meetings

Meeting times and mode of meetings are provided via the ASPH monthly newsletter.

One of the Nation’s Largest and Most Active Groups

ASPH is a warm, caring and loyal group of hypnotists, hypnotherapists and devotees of the exploration of the science and art of hypnosis. The atmosphere at ASPH meetings is lively, informative, dynamic and fun! Presentations focusing on hypnosis and hypnotherapy blend ancient, traditional and advanced methodologies and include the full range of applications for hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Many ASPH members consider these meetings a MUST on their calendars!