The Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis is a non-profit membership organization registered as a corporation in good standing in the State of Arizona through the Arizona Corporation Commission as File Number 0119493-3.


SECTION I. PURPOSE – Subject to the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation of this Society, and without in any way adding thereto or subtracting therefrom, the purposes for which this Society is founded shall include, but be limited to, the following:
To aid the progress of the profession of Hypnosis, professional Hypnotists and professional Hypnotherapists generally; to advance the theory and practice of Hypnosis in the healing, dental, psychiatric and psychological professions and the allied arts and sciences; to enhance the status of the professional Hypnotist and professional Hypnotherapist; to encourage research and the preparation of papers, documents and reports on topics relevant to Hypnosis; to develop standards, a code of ethics and recommended practices for professionals in Hypnotherapy and the healing arts; to oppose legislative measures, proposals or programs designed to restrict the practice of Hypnosis exclusively to certain professional groups; to take positions and issue position papers on legislation or proposals thereafter affecting Hypnosis and its practice; to cooperate with other Hypnosis and professional organizations and to advance relations with government agencies and the general public; to establish programs that inform the public and the professions in order to promote a better understanding and a wider acceptance of the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy; and to unite professional Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists for the purpose of maintaining a representative and effective organization to act upon all matters affecting the practice of professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

SECTION 2. BRANCHES – In order to carry out the purposes of the Society, subordinate branches or chapters may be established in the State of Arizona.

ARTICLE IV(Amended and Ratified September 4, 2018)

SECTION I. ELIGIBILITY AND CLASSES – Membership in this society shall be open to persons who are of good moral character and who support the aims of this organization. All applicants for membership must be approved by the Board of Officers. Such members may vote, hold office and participate in furthering the aims of the Society as provided in Article II above. There shall be three classes of membership, defined as follows:

a) CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP – Membership in this category shall be open to persons who have been certified by a recognized training program in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. They are therefore, certified by their training organization or program to practice Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy “professionally,” if they wish, i.e., to practice with the intention of receiving remuneration for their services. Certified Professional Members may use the designation: “Certified Professional Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist ASPH.”

b) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – Members in this category do not presently qualify for Certified Professional Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist status, yet as a paying member of ASPH, they have full privileges to participate in all aspects of the organization.

c) HONORARY MEMBERSHIP – Based on a majority vote of the Executive Board, an individual may be invited to become an honorary member for one (1) year from the date of acceptance. This person is not required to pay dues, nor are they required to have professional certification or status as a practicing Hypnotherapist. During this honorary membership term, they may advertise their services and events in the monthly ASPH newsletter and post their contact information on the ASPH website gratis. Honorary members do not have membership voting privilege. At the end of the year, these individuals may choose to join ASPH, based on membership and dues requirements.

SECTION 2. CHARTER MEMBERSHIP – Persons whose membership applications are approved before October 10, 1978 shall be designated as “Charter Members” and shall receive membership identification cards and certificates accordingly. The issuance of appropriate identification cards and certificates shall begin only after all “Charter Members” have paid in full their membership fee and dues for the year 1978, as provided in the By-Laws.

SECTION 3. EMERITUS MEMBERSHIP – Persons who have been active (participating ) members, have also served as officers for a significant period of time (3+ years) and have been given a citation by the organization for their outstanding service to the organization, may be designated by the organization as “emeritus.” From that time forth these persons are exempt from paying dues and any other membership fees.

SECTION 4. APPLICATION – Applicants for membership in ASPH shall fill out the ASPH Application Form and submit it with a one-time initiation fee, one-time certification fee and annual dues fee to the Treasurer.

SECTION 5. APPROVAL – Upon approval by the Board of Officers and admittance to the Society, each member shall receive a certificate, signed by the President and undersigned by Current Officer of the organization; as well as copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics. Members may also obtain their organization documents from the website,

SECTION 6. CERTIFICATES – Membership certificates will be renewed annually upon payment of membership renewal dues.

SECTION 7. REJECTION – Any applicant rejected by the Board of Officers may appeal to the decision of that Board for review with cause. The Board’s decision regarding the appeal shall be final.

SECTION 8. COMPLAINTS – Complaints against members shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Officers. The Board shall investigate all such complaints. It may summon the members involved to hearings at which the complaint shall be aired, and any member against whom the allegations are lodged shall have full opportunity to face the complainant and to speak in his or her own defense, with or without aid of council.
Non-members of the Board shall not be permitted to attend these hearings, unless they are appearing as witnesses or as council. After due process and considered deliberation the Board may declare the complaint unjustified or may suspend or expel the accused or invoke other disciplinary action as disposition of complaint.


SECTION I. ADMISSION FEE/DUES. There shall be an admission fee for guests at monthly meetings, a one-time admission fee, one-time certification fee, and annual dues required for membership in this Society, as determined by the Board of Officers, from time to time. Dues for each class of membership shall be determined by the Board of Officers. If change in the amount of dues is called for, said change must be affirmed by two-thirds of the membership in good standing. Annual dues are waived for Emeritus Members of the Society and for members of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. ASSESSMENTS. There shall be no assessments made upon the members above and including the annual dues, unless such assessment is approved by a twothirds majority vote of the members in good standing.

SECTION 3. ARREARS. Members whose dues are in arrears more than thirty days after the beginning of the calendar year will be notified. Thirty days after notification with no response, they shall automatically be suspended from membership. If they wish to rejoin, they will be required to pay annual membership fees.

SECTION 4. CUSTODY OF FUNDS. All funds of the Society shall be in the custody of the current ASPH Treasurer who shall be one(1) of the two(2) signers on the ASPH Membership Checking Account. The second signer on the ASPH Checking Account is the current President.


SECTION I. OFFICERS – The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, VicePresident, Secretary, and Treasurer.

(a) These four (4) officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership as provided in the By-Laws.

(b) These four (4) officers shall be members of the Executive Board for the year they are elected as ASPH officers.

SECTION 2. EXECUTIVE BOARD – The Executive Board shall consist of the four (4) annually elected officers, past President, Emeritus Members, and Parliamentarian.

(a) The Board shall have charge of and be responsible for all property of the Society. They shall examine the Treasurer’s bank book and see that all the monies are deposited in the name of the Society.

(b) The Board shall also perform other duties as further set forth in the By-Laws.

(c) Each Executive Board Member has one (1) vote at all Executive Board Meetings.

SECTION 3. IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. The immediate past President shall advise and assist the President and the Executive Board in the performance of their respective duties and shall execute such assignments as may be ordered by either of them. The immediate past Present is entitled to one(1) vote at all Board of Officers meetings.

SECTION 4. PARLIAMENTARIAN. The Parliamentarian is elected by the Executive Board and retains this position until they choose to resign.

(a) The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for reviewing the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics from time to time and for making recommended changes to the rest of the Executive Board, if deemed necessary.

(b) If the Parliamentarian wishes to resign, they must give the Executive Board thirty (30) days’ written notice.


SECTION I. MEETINGS. All meetings for and of the membership of this Society shall be held at the time and place announced, to transact the business of the Society as provided in the By-Laws.


SECTION I. Alterations and Amendments to this Constitution and its By-Laws shall be presented in writing and presented at the next regular meeting of the Society. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership shall be required for adoption of proposed changes.


SECTION I. The Constitution together with the By-Laws enacted in regular meetings are the fundamental law of the Society and shall govern the conduct of business and the membership in this Society: and where the same are silent, by Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised.


Alan Handelsman


Odette Fay


Lindsay Brady


Debbi Combs


Thomas Wheeler

Emeritus Members

Carol Adler
Kate Ellis