Become an ASPH Member

Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis offers the following types of memberships:

  • Mailing List (M/L):
    For those who are not interested in becoming an ASPH member at this time, but who would like to be on the ASPH physical [U.S. Postal Service] mailing list. [Email sendout list is free.]
  • Associate Member (A/S):
    For those who are interested in hypnosis but have had no training in hypnosis or hypnotherapy, and who would like to be involved in ASPH activities.
  • Certified Professional (C/P):
    For those who have successfully passed the ASPH Certification Test or completed a certification program that is accepted by ASPH.


  • U.S Postal Service Mailing List Fee $20.00
  • One-time ASPH Initiation fee (excluding mailing list fee) $25.00
  • One-time Certification Fee $25.00
  • Annual Dues (due Jan. 1 of each year) $35.00

Membership Form >>>

To apply for ASPH Membership, please download the Membership Application Form, print it out and mail it with your payment, “Pay to the order of ASPH,” to the current ASPH Treasurer. The address of the current ASPH Treasurer is on the Membership Application Form.

ASPH Membership Application

The Membership Application is a PDF document. In case your computer doesn’t have a PDF reader, you can download a free one here.