Dear Friends, Colleague’s and Amazing Members of ASPH,

It is a privilege and an honor to be selected to handle the affairs as President for 2013.

We have been guided excellently by our Current President “Michael the Magnificent” DeSchalit and Vice President Sam the “Man” Sterk have added some well appreciated humor, wisdom and a depth of caring that I hope will continue long after their term as officers.

I am Delighted to have Debbi Combs continue as our Super Secretary, what a joy she is and I can’t say enough about the job that Tom Hajek has done as Treasurer, the inspiration behind our Great website and so many other things. A heartfelt thanks to both of you – Job well done.

What a delight to Welcome Kate Ellis to join us as Vice President. This smart, amazing, Bright light of social connectivity will deeply enrich our breadth and scope.

Most all of you have seen the handout that I passed around at a couple of meetings discussing some suggestions for the proposed ASPH agendas for the New Year and future. None of these ideas can be implemented without your help and support. We need each of you who are able, to find some Amazing presenters for 2013. Send your suggestions to Kate and she will happily process them.
We, the officers are always open for any suggestions on how we can make this great organization even better.

See you all at the Christmas party – There is a nasty rumor that Alan Handlesman will handle the ‘White Elephant’ exchange – don’t miss his amazing wit – guaranteed laughs

Here is to Celebrating a year of Fun, Learning, with keys to a potential prosperity we have yet to Imagine.

Always Celebrating the Craft

Thanks from my Heart

Robert O’Connor CHt.

President-Elect – ASPH