Many people are recognizing the power of the mind to help achieve their goals and self hypnosis products are more accessible than ever, so it’s tempting to think that a $20 disc is all that is needed to lose that extra 15 lbs. or stop smoking. Often these can help, but there are multiple reasons that a certified hypnotherapist can be more benefit.

The biggest reason is the flexibility that is offered when working with your trained professional. An Mp3, while convenient, may not be in a style that resonates with you. By working ‘live’, your hypnotherapist can switch gears, changing the wording, tone of voice and tempo to more easily make sense to your subconscious mind. As an example, perhaps your mp3 contains visualization that has you walking on the beach when you really don’t like the ocean…through consultation your therapist can change that visualization to the place you most love, maybe a winding forest path to a cabin in the woods.

Your hypnotherapist might employ a style that includes dialogue, having a conversation with you while you are in trance. This can be much more effective than simply listening to a directed stream of words.

When you work in a ‘live’ session, you are able to relax into a much deeper state than using a recording. Because you go deeper, you may find that you have much faster results. Some people find the results they are looking for in as little as one session, while it can sometimes take weeks to receive the same level of satisfaction from a recording.

Hypnosis, whether accessed through recordings or through the services of a trained professional is mind expansive and effective to break past bad habits while supporting new, more positive changes. It allows a degree of relaxation unparalleled while helping you to create brilliance in your life.

Courtesy of ASPH Member Marcia Mauskopf CHt